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1. Children stay awake and spend the night together. —— Su Shi's Shou Sui

2. Heavy snow flies south of geese, and every word goes up to the sky, and the Year of the Dragon is a good time and a blessing is passed down. It's hard to meet each other in Qian Shan. Wish you endless! In the Qin and Song Dynasties, Han and Wu took the whip, and Shenzhou left a legacy everywhere. Say goodbye to the new year, and welcome all the people in spring. -"Langtaosha Happy New Year"

3. At midnight, I suddenly heard firecrackers ringing, and after three times, it was as quiet as ever. It's amazing to celebrate the new year with a wide heart. -Eagles flying all over the sky "New Year's Eve"

4. The sound of firecrackers welcomes the New Year, and Miaolian sticks in front of the door. Laughter is heard everywhere, and delicious food is served on the table. Chatting together, the lights shone brightly on the night. Young children boast about their new clothes, and the weather is clear when they are old and new. -Tao usually celebrates the New Year

5. Spring events have been stacked into mountains, and idle refers to the singing and whipping of geese. Pick your hands lightly to find old dreams, and spread plain paper to paint new faces. Chrysanthemum core can be used to mix wine before filling, and plum branches in snow are always cold-resistant. Pre-sign the brocade contract with Feng Jun, and spend the emerald railing in Ming Dynasty. -Yun Shu Yun Xiang, "New Year's greetings"

6. The official calendar will be exhausted, and the village mash will be strong and self-dumping. Hate cold and think warm, fear old and cherish the disabled. Years have passed, and KouRong is still not flat. Children don't know what to do, and the song blows until dawn. —— Luo Yin's "Year of the Night"

7. Celebrate the New Year's laughter, and Red Rock ladies give plum blossoms. Everyone toasts each other in a toast, expresses the new year's wishes, after all the people are still not satisfied, and together taste this victory tea, talk about current affairs. Only loyalty can repay the motherland, now the motherland is being foreign aggression, the smoke everywhere, there is no place to seek an ease. Singing and dancing with the capital to welcome the festive season, watching Yan 'an scenery from afar. —— Dong Biwu's "New Year's Day Occupy Liu Yazi Huairen Rhyme"

8. Gan Kun is empty, and the years go to open; The end of the road is full of wind and rain, while the poor are full of snow and frost. Life will be exhausted with the years, and the body will be forgotten; There is no way to kill Su Meng, but night is still young. -Wen Tianxiang's "except the night"

9. In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze warms Tu Su. The rising sun shone on thousands of families, and they were busy taking off the old taofu and replacing them with new ones. -Wang Anshi's Yuan Day

10. It's only seven days since spring, and it's been two years since I left home. -Xue Daoheng's "People Think Home"

11. beginning of spring's New Year's Eve, which is also a day, is an original idea this year. —— Guo Yingxiang's "Fairy Bridge"

12. therefore, the new year will come tomorrow. Follow bucket handle carefully, and look forward to spring in the northeast. -Tang Zhang said "Qinzhou Shousui"

13. The situation wants to be the tail, although you know what you can do. —— Su Shi's Shou Sui

14. Ten years old dreams are nowhere to be found, and I am not at home for several New Years. —— Wu Wenying, "Si Jiake, Yi Mao, except for the night"

15. Every year, lotus drops, and Bijing Tu Su sinks frozen wine. Han Xiao is still deceiving others, and slim in spring comes to Liu first. The beautiful woman advised Qian to live a long life, and Bai Ye Jiao Hua Fencui sleeve. In the depths of drunkenness, I know each other less, but only with Dongjun. -Mao Meng, "Yuanri Yulouchun"

16. Sitting in the evening, sleeping in the middle of the night. As soon as I leave the country, I will see you every day. Old Jiangnan years old, spring throws Weibei field. Xunyang will come sooner or later, and tomorrow will be three years. -Tang Bai Juyi, "In addition to the night"

17. Who asks in the hotel? Cold lamp alone amiable. Tonight is the last night of the year, and I was wandering away from home in ten thousand miles. Looking back on the past, it is a matter of nothing, sad sad; Lonely I only have a wry smile and acid. Sorrow makes my face grow old, white hair is full of hair, in a sigh, and ushered in a new year. -Dai Shulun's "In addition to staying at Stone"

18. When winter goes and spring comes, the year goes by. Sunset sprinkles beautiful clouds and clouds, while cold wind shows snow all over the sky. It's not too old to bloom, and it's hard year after year. I want to be determined to be equal to heaven, and my lofty sentiments will break through the mountains. -Qiu Zhipu's "New Year's Self-encouragement"

19. In the sky, snakes and dragons retire, and spring rushes to Allen Su. Mei Ling Qunfang broke the winter at the beginning, and the wind was cold and warm and gradually stabilized. Smoke curled up near New Year's Eve, and the streets were busy guarding the police. Neighbors have been looking forward to moving around for a long time, and they are full of relatives and friends. -Looking down on "New Year"

20. All things send residual wax in spring, and the end of the year is tonight. -Dai Fugu's "except the night"

21. Clothes are too lazy to change, but wine is too difficult to credit. Look at plum blossoms this evening. —— Wu Wenying, "Si Jiake, Yi Mao, except for the night"

22. Jade Rabbit will come to the door, and blessings will be kept everywhere. Firecrackers laugh every day, and happy events smell. -Loulis's "Happy New Year"

23. Xiao Shu's white hair is not full, and he has wasted his sleep in the stove. Cut candles to dry night snack wine, and spend every penny to buy spring money. Listen to the childlike innocence of burning firecrackers, and see how to change the peach charms. Add a plum blossom to the drum horn, and even laugh and worship the New Year. —— Kong Shangren's New Year's Day

24. Fine grass wears gauze and snow disappears, while smoke and cold water in Wu Palace are all the way. No one can see plum blossom in bamboo, and it blows incense over the stone bridge overnight. -Song Jiang Kui, "except the night from Shihu to Tiaoxi"

25. Han Xiao is still deceiving others, and it is slim in spring to get to Liu first. The beautiful woman urged Qian to live a long life. Bai ye jiao Hua fen Cui sleeve. In the depths of drunkenness, we know each other less, and we are only old friends with Dongjun. -Mao Meng, "Yulouchun, Ji Mao Yuan Day"

26. around the beam, white reed is broken, and the sound of firecrackers is mixed with wine and tea. The newly-cleaned doors and windows are warmer, and a few cases are fragrant and fragrant.  When children return, they will be rich in the farmhouse. -Yan Xuhui, "New Year's Eve"

27. When the New Year arrives, all the young and old will bloom. Countdown sounds ring from heaven to earth, and the stars rise and the world rejoices. A vigil without sleep. -Chundi Xiaoxing, "Recalling Jiangnan New Year"

28. The sound of firecrackers celebrates the New Year and bids farewell to the old and welcomes the New Year. The streets and alleys are really busy, and the Spring Festival is coming today.

29. Whoever writes the afterglow with colored pencils, the green hills gradually fade away. Insomnia tonight is not a good night, and there are no guests at the end of the world. Xun Mei walks through the snow on the West Lake, breaking the waves and riding the wind in Yanziji. The Yangtze River spring is here again, Mo Yan's head is white and his old friend is sparse.

30. Don't leave the old Sichuan in the morning mist, and the north wind is cold every year. Go away from home during the reunion festival and spend the helpless years alone.


1. The golden stove incense sticks with sound leakage, and the hearts of the lights are mournful. Dreams carry the soul back home, and people celebrate his New Year in other places.

2. Parents look forward to taking a girlfriend to eat New Year's dinner every day at home. This year, I still went back alone, but my parents didn't look at it.

3. After another year, fellow villagers set off for home. Wandering in Shanghai for ten years, I mistook my hometown for another country.

4. Physical fitness, good health, and decent scenery are popular. Only when you walk like a fly can you be sensitive, and recreation is like gold every day.

5. At the end of the year, how can the sun and the moon waste? Blink of an eye and spring, have a good time.

6. Singing songs and crying in the wild is sad, while the fire is far away and the stars are low. Sick eyes don't sleep, they don't keep the old age, and the local accent doesn't accompany them. Heavy feet are cold, and frost is heavy, while fresh head feels light and thin. Thank you, you can't be a guest with a broken lamp, and you can depend on each other overnight.

7. When people are busy on New Year's Eve, I pick out old poems by myself. Don't laugh at scholar is too pedantic, one year's work is literary words.

8. Fighting back to the north last night, starting from the age of today; I'm strong now, and I'm still worried about agriculture. Sang Ye ploughs his father, and he hoes with the shepherd boy; The farmers predicted this year's harvest, saying that this year was a good year.

9. Bend and bend, and the New Year's Crescent will hook with cold jade. Hook cold jade, phoenix shoes are small, and emerald eyebrows are frowning. Moths and snow willows add makeup bundles, and Candle dragon flamingos contend for each other. It is not as good as the sixth day for the Lantern Festival.

10. The new moon will be in the mood, and time is the true god. Iraq pursued its dream at the beginning, and it started with me in spring.

11. Say goodbye to the old year and dance for the new year. Welcome guests and friends and treat guests sincerely. Happy New Year.

12. In a blink of an eye, it is a whole year, and it is checked in front of the mirror. At first glance, it looks like the old one, but at second glance, it changes its appearance everywhere.

13. Candle Shadow shakes the red flame and is still bright, while it is cold and deep. Long-term take cold clothes, want to listen to the rooster first.

14. Therefore, the new year will come tomorrow. Follow bucket handle carefully, and look forward to spring in the northeast. -Zhang said "Qinzhou Shousui"

15. Recalling the past, the door is worth the old age, and the high-rise building plays with candles and calls Lu. It's hard to recognize drinkers from Xinfeng after staying at Jingshe for a long time. The son of heaven is unknown, but his neighbor or Qian writes peach charms. Don't have a poor life in cold night, check out Lisao's floor-holding furnace. —— Wang Mai's New Year's Eve

16. Forty-nine years have come today, and it's wrong to be happy and happy. Bedside Zhouyi has profound meaning, so I'm afraid I'm going to have three unique styles. -Song Qi's New Year's Eve

17. Skillfully cut the winner and try Silla, painting the color and tracing the gold as a moth; Since then, scissors have been idle for one month, and there are many needlework in the boudoir. —— Huang Jingren's Fengcheng New Year Words

18. The sea of clouds is pan-Oumin, and the tide is on the shore of the island. He knows how to spend the night in his hometown. Yu is a passenger, but you are a passerby. In my life, I have recovered a few, and I don't have more than ten springs. —— Meng Haoran, "In addition to the night, Lecheng meets Zhang Shaofu"

19. Xiao Shu's white hair is not full, and he has wasted his sleep in the furnace. Cut candles to dry night snack wine, and spend every penny to buy spring money. Listen to the childlike innocence of burning firecrackers, and see how to change the peach charms. Add a plum blossom to the drum horn, and even laugh and worship the New Year. —— Kong Shangren's New Year's Day

20. All things send residual wax in spring, and the end of the year is tonight. -Dai Fugu's "except the night"

21. Poor Yin is pushed away in the dark, reducing green temples and damaging Zhu Yan. When will the fame lead the service idle? Also surprised, one year old round. Advise you that you don't need to sleep tonight, and that you are full and full of boats. Everyone was intoxicated with the opposite feast. May the New Year be better than the old year. -Yang Wuzhen, "Double Yaner New Year's Eve"

22. Don't stop drinking until you are passionate. Peach in wine, bayberry in rice dumplings. Enter an item in an account when the curtain is opened, and the candle is burnt to ashes. Don't doubt the weight of the temples, for Guang Xiao's urging. —— Xu Junqian, "My wife sits at night and keeps the old age."

23. Childe Wang Sun is arrogant and invites him regardless of his acquaintance. Most pity long sleeves are weak before the wind, and more admire new strings. -Cui Ye's "Six Songs in the Last Yuan Night"

24. There is no secondary rank for the official, but there are foreign ministers for returning to farming. People sing wine at a young age, and flowers dance in Tang Chun. Grass color fans three paths, and scenery moves neighbors. May it grow like this, and the phenology will be new every year. -Lu Zhaolin's "Yuan Ri Shu Huai"

25. When you are old and late, the guests are not empty before the lights. Half a lifetime of hardship, there is no dream. Short sorrow hastens white, while red wine borrows red wine. I sing and dance, but I'm down and out. —— Chen Shidao's "Giving less chapters to wine except for the night"

26. The county lent a lonely night without sleep, and the paper account kept quiet. Not this life cherishes the present, but tomorrow is next year. —— Gong Kui, "Chizhou County Zhai except the night to send a family gentleman"

27. Jade leaks silver pots and don't rush, but the iron locks are open. It doesn't seem that anyone can sit around when he sees the moon. -Cui Ye's "Six Songs in the Last Yuan Night"

28. Liu Sheng Han Zan was a lucky man, who lived in the Ming Dynasty for 78 years. Go west to the capital road in front of the door, and lie down to see endless people coming and going. —— Lu You's New Year's Eve

29. A hundred herbs are fragrant in a charcoal stove, and Tu Su decocts wine instead of pepper. Lai had no visitors in Ming Dynasty, and the mud was one foot deep after snow. —— Lu You's New Year's Eve

30. Every family runs a wine cellar on every night. It's not bad to stay poor, but it's old and bad. Evening leaks cold drops, and spring lights wait for dawn. Listen to childlike joy, and remember juvenile madness. -Zhu Pu's "The Night"


1. Both parents die, and the house stays empty on New Year's Eve. Thousands of families worship each other and come to the door to sigh with sorrow.

2. If you want to know how old you are, it seems to be a snake. The scale has been repaired, who can cover it? Condition to tie its tail, although frequently know helpless! Children can't sleep, and stay together at night. Don't sing the morning chicken, but be afraid to add it. After sitting for a long time, the lights will light up and watch the Big Dipper. Is there no year next year? Worry is wasted. Try your best today, and the young can boast.

3. Relatives are scattered and scarce, getting older every year. The black hair on the sideburns is gray, and I will only return early next year.

4. Happiness is always true in the years to come, and firecrackers take care of Chai Men in the years to come. Golden pigs offer thousands of delights, and the earth shines brightly. Surprised to see plum blossoms leave beautiful scenery, I gradually realized that Du Yu reported good news. Gan Kun Lang Lang Xing Hong Ye, Wan Li Jiang Shan Wan Li Chun.

5. Dust removal shopping hangs a red light, and WeChat sends blessings to send hospitality. Spring Festival couplets add joy to the New Year pictures, and fireworks flourish in Hua Ting. Food, wine, and family get together, and the auspicious day rises. New Year's Golden Pig is lucky, and the screen party is accompanied by bells.

6. The agricultural achievements have been collected, and the old things have to be accompanied. For fear of common people, fake things don't care about goods. Mountains and rivers grow with production, and the rich and the poor grow bigger. Set a plate of giant carp horizontally, and lie in a cage with two rabbits. Rich people are luxuriant, and colorful embroidery turns over. The poor can't be ashamed, but they will be grinded. There are few old people living in the official residence, and the festival in the lane is over. Also want to raise the local style, solo and no one.

7. Although the years are ruthless, we celebrate our family with joy. Cold in spring, summer, autumn and winter, new year after year.

8. The loser has a sick body and stays idle for a long time. Or each while Huang Hui battle, guests who see black angle towel. Ling Zhao is ruthless and difficult to be afraid of old age, and the apricot tip has become a spring. When you hear your children boast of Weng Jian, the poem is as new as the light of the year.

9. An old friend has a long way to go, and it is still too late to leave. People's Bank of China can be recovered, but people can chase it when they are old! Ask the old man's place? As far away as the sky is. Has been running east, to return to the sea. Wine is ripe in the east, and tapioca is fat in the west. And for a happy day, comfort this poor year. Don't say goodbye to the old year, but do the new year's resignation. Go and don't look back, return your old age and decline.

10. In the past 30 years, the old tourists in lakes and seas have changed their words. Green tree doves are waiting for dawn, but red mud swallows can't catch spring. Take the rain in the cold south window, try the ink to grind away the ancient inkstone dust. Wang Li's home and mountain are in vain, so I don't want to ask him again.

11. When I sent it to the old days at the end of the year, Han Lu said that my dreams were still stupid. Full of ambition and romantic sentences, full of affectionate and free and easy poems. At the age of 20, the taillights are spent regretting, and the soup at the beginning of spring rejuvenating. The Red Alliance is inspiring, teaching rivers, mountains, the sun and the moon to move.

12. The red light shines on the curtain, and the stars are everywhere. Roll the waves, make the cloud tea flow with blue rhyme, and write clear words with fragrant ink. The river diaphragm does not feel Yin luminosity, and the wind winds to flow brocade color late. Don't sigh when the moss is dyed white and the orchid chrysanthemum is light and fragrant.

13. When you are one year older, you become infatuated with frost. In Nalan's sentence, find treasures, make good poems in a white cup. Every time you learn to make bones from the evil spirits, you still pity the incense and master your posture. One of the three thousand rhythms taught me to dream for the rest of my life.

14. See also Tao Fu for the old days, when spring comes and winter goes, there is an infatuation. I still miss taking root in snow in my early years, but I read Qiu Meng's poems. Everywhere, the country is red and happy, with boundless colors and colors. Auspicious drunk with Jiaruifeng cup, rhyme with Dongjun time shift.

15. In order to live away from home early, I always feel that my hometown is good in my dreams. Hometown is full of visitors, only hate being young.

16. A pot of spring makes a song. Poetry is rewarded by thousands of miles, and you ask me if there is wine for kissing.

17. Choose the powder cream before playing the early screen. The dog is not a pig, but a black eyebrow. Liumian yard receives spring scenery, and Mei smiles at cold walls to send light fragrance. Chinese is a red-hot column, don't think about half a lonely hall. Pen oblique proverb disorderly long night, careless set cloud curtain read far away.

18. Life is full of sorrow and sorrow, and parting is just a pot of wine. After drinking all the sadness and sorrow, it turns into sweet and warm heart flow.

19. In the past, when the arrow left the string, it was easy for the river to clear its temples. Add Confucius from the heart, three times the thief years in Zhou Lang. The fangs blocked the dove's staff, and you said that you had offered the beast before the bottle. How dare I in Qixi Qi 'ao, and learn from Xiangshan.

20. Cold light, smoke rising, coincides with the end of spring and autumn. Sound the cannon, pick the red light, and share the family happiness on New Year's Eve.

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